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What is and why do I need this page? offers you the perfect service to backup (upload) your files to up to 16 different locations with just a single upload of your files.

To be able to download your files and files of your friends from various filehosters with permium features also offers you premium access to many of those filehosters.

To use the upload you need to register for free. The download section is only available for premium users.

Is the registration as new user free of charge?


Why 'Download up to...' / 'Upload up to...' / 'Premium up to...'?

The given values for Download and Upload are the maximum you could load if you use just a single service.

For example:
Let's say you buy the 60.000 credits package:
  • 60.000 Credits
  • Download up to 60 GB
  • Upload up to 420 GB
  • Premium up to 60 days
  • Price: 10 Euro

After this you convert your credits into premium traffic in the 'Premium' section.

If you would just use the Download service you could download 60 GB within 60 days and if you would only use the Upload service you could transfer up to 420 GB within those 60 days.

If you use both services your premium traffic splits up. Lets say you download 40 GB. Then you can still upload 140 GB. Another example: With those 60.000 credits you could download 30 GB and upload 210 GB.

The reason why your 'premium' status is valid for up to 60 days is simple: If you use all your premium traffic within 10 days then you have no premium traffic left. Therefore you have no advantage of the 'premium' status anymore and receive a fallback to status 'free'.

Why do I have 'limited access' / 'full access'? cares about your safety! When you log in with your user id and password you get full access. You keep this status until you idle for 20 minutes and more. Then you automatically receive a security fallback down to limited access.

With full access you can edit and delete uploads and see the password of password protected uploads, buy credits and exchange them for premium traffic and edit your personal and hoster settings.

With limited access you are still able to use our services and view the Overview and Files section at my rehost but you can't change anything and you won't see the private data of the account owner.

If you login with a Premium Access Key of a friend you receive limited access only. You then can't change anything within that account.

Why can't I see alle the sections at 'my rehost' anymore?

Please read the article Why do I have 'limited access' / 'full access'? above for an answer.

Do you offer an application programming interface (API)?

Yes. Please check for further information.

What do you save about me?

Basicly we only save what's neccessary.

For example we do not store your IP address, the downloads you are doing or anything else that's not visible to you from within your 'my rehost'.


Which hosters do you support?

We support many filehoster for upload. Please log in and visit the upload page to see them all.

More hosters will follow. Please send us suggestions which hoster you like us to support.

What kind of files can I upload?

You can upload nearly any file - as long as it's not copyright protected or containing illegal / law conflicting media.

Free users can upload files with up to 200 MB file size on up to 3 different hosters.

Premium users can backup their files to all hosters available and with a even bigger file size limit of 2000 MB.

Why do I have to enter a username and password for nearly every hoster?

With the accounts you can apply for every hoster that offers free accounts and a filemanager we will be able to store files directly into your account so you are able to view, edit or delete them later.

At most of the hosters you also enjoy an extended life time for files that are not downloaded for a period of time.

Rarely it happens that we are not able to grab the link for your file returned by the hoster. With an account at the host plattform you will be able to view the link even if we can't display it to you.

My Upload failed. What can I do?

If your upload fails you allways receive an error message. That message should tell you why your upload failed.

If it says Login failed you should check if you entered the correct login data and if it is still valid by trying to login directly at the hosters website.

It also maybe low premium traffic why your upload is not working.

On every other error we start the upload a second time and try to upload the file again.

If both uploads fail it may be a temporary problem at the hosters side or our interface to that hoster. Please log into your account at the hosters website and check if you can see the uploaded file in your filemanager.

Please contact support if you need further help. Note that our support gets informed about broken uploads immediatelly to inspect them.

How is the premium upload traffic calculated?

Only the outgoing traffic is important for the calculation of the premium upload traffic.

For example:
You want to upload a file of 500 MB file size on 5 different hosters. The upload from your computer to us is free of charge. Also if you have choosen to protect that file with a passwort we won't charge you for that.
Now we upload your file to everyone of those 5 hosters. That produces an outgoing traffic (outgoing from our servers) of 500 MB for each hoster and in total we charge your account for 2500 MB (5x 500 MB) premium upload traffic for mirroring your file.


Which hosters do you support?

We support many filehoster for download. Please log in and visit the download page to see them all.

Please feel free to tell us which hosting service you are missing and we will see what we can do.

My Download failed. What can I do?

Please visit the link directly to make sure it is available at the hoster of this file.

If you see the file still online, please take a close look at the error message you get when trying to download that file.

Some possible reasons for download failure are:

  • - file not available at source host,
  • - you ran out of premium traffic,
  • - the hoster changed the download procedure,
  • - we ran out of traffic.

If you think it is our fault that the download is not working, please feel free to contact our support.

Low traffic and outdated download procedures usually get fixed by us within 24h.

Is the premium traffic really unlimited?

The traffic is unlimited for every offered hoster except for the hosts that are shown at the download page with a traffic limit. Please sign in to see the list.

For every transferred MB from these hosters we charge you the amount of transfer as premium download traffic (20.000 Premium Credits = 20 GB).

Why that? - We can't offer unlimited traffic for hosters that offer limited traffic per premium account.

Do you offer JDownloader support?

Yes, we do.

Please see our tutorial section:


How can I become a premium user?

To become a premium user you need 20.000 credits. If you have 20.000 credits you can exchange them for 20 days as premium user.

There are actually 3 ways to get those credits:

1. You log in and go to 'my rehost' > 'Premium'. There you can buy credits.

2. You use our Redir service and convert the links on your website. Users who visit those links will make you earn credits.

3. You refer your friends to our site. Every new premium user will give you credits.

What payment methods do you support?

Currently we accept bank wire (either instant or in advance), bitcoin, paysafecard and many more via resellers.

If you need another payment method please contact support.

What is a 'Premium Access Key'?

Every premium user has a Premium Access Key which he / she can share with his / her friends to allow them to use our services with premium features.

You can find the Premium Access Key at 'my rehost' > 'Overview' if you log in to your premium account.

Users that login with a Premium Access Key have limited access and are only allowed to use our services and to view basic account details.

See Why do I have 'limited access' / 'full access'? for further information.

What does it cost to become a Premium user?

You can see our prices for premium access at the sections Download, Upload and at my rehost > Premium.

What happens if I (do not) extend my Premium membership?

If your premium status expires, the premium traffic left expires too.

You can avoid that by purchasing and exchanging credits into premium traffic in time.

As long as you are a premium user you will keep all the premium traffic you got left.

Can I share my premium account with my friends?

Yes, but you are not allowed to give away your user id and / or password. Instead, share your Premium Access Key.

See What is a 'Premium Access Key'? for further information.